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Camping map

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Site map

Reception, check in and check out, pool entrance and Store

B Changing room, WC, Shower och Sauna

C Servicebuilding, WC, RWC, Shower, Sauna, Kitchen, Washing of dishes, Laundry, Latrine, Tv-room

D Servicebuilding, WC, RWC, Shower, Sauna, Washing of dishes, Laundry, Latrine

E Servicebuilding, WC, Shower, Washing of dishes

F Servicebuilding, WC, Shower, Kitchen, Washing of dishes, Outdoor Washing of dishes, outdoor dog shower

G Environmental station

H Emptying of Latrine, Tap for drinking water

I Car wash

J Playground

K Football “field”/activity field

L Grey water drainage for caravan/ motorhome

M Servicebuilding, WC, RWC, Shower, Washing of dishes-outside

N Childrens club

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